Saturday, August 23, 2003

Okay...last night totally reverted back to grade school. I had a date with a boy! Well, really it was me, Big, Marian and Heath going out to eat and seeing Finding Nemo. Yep. We ate at Phil's on Grove, one of Richmond's best kept very reasonably priced secrets, and then we spent a bit of time at a nearby Barnes and was our main grown-up activity of the night, other than sharing a couple of pitchers of brown ale at Phil's and watching Conan O'Brien for a bit after the show.

We caught the 9:40 show, so there were no kids, which definately enhanced my enjoyment of the movie. The script was sharply written, the pixar excellent, and all in all the actors really delivered their lines well. Ellen DeGeneres shines. Plus, the plot appealed to me because fish are really cool and I love stuff about the ocean and marine biology. The only thing was, I left feeling a bit reserved about taking up scuba diving, since there is a scene where the fish are freaked out by scuba diving fish collectors, and I was worried I would scare the fish if I did scuba. But all in all, I think the real message is that fish need a lot of space. All hail, the mighty fish.

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