Monday, August 18, 2003

Today I had my 90 day eval from work. Basically, it was good. Brenda said I was an excellent clinician, and that if I work hard, the counseling involved with hospice nursing will come with time. So I'm pretty stoked.

Last night was the first time I went back to St. Mike's for Mass. I saw Father in the vestibule right before Mass, and I went up to him. He gave me a hug, asked how I was, told me I looked great. I sat with my friends from CRHP, and realized I was home again, despite the messiness that might ensue if I happen to run into my ex. I have a feeling which Mass he will go to, so I will avoid that one like the plague.

FiFi and I took this month's Cosmo Quiz: How Fabulous Are You? and we scored within the Fabulous Range.

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