Saturday, August 02, 2003

Vacation Video Rental Reviews:
1) Hope Floats: Rrr. There is nothing like a hot stallion named Justin Matisse making his way across a room in a Stetson and tight jeans, and he wants to dance Nice speech by Sandy Bullock to her cheatin' ex at climactic scene.
2) Committed. Heather Graham is a scored spouse who seeks out her no-good hubby after he abandons her shortly after the wedding (can you see what theme we are going for here, folks?). Great performance by Alfonso Arau, the director of Like Water for Chocolate, also known as El Guapo from Three Amigos.
3) Laurel Canyon. Frances McDormand is my homegirl. She plays Jane, a fortyish rock-in-roll record producer who hosts her conservative psychiatrist son and his lab rat of a fiancee for the summer. Many hillarious hijinks insue. The plot is a bit predictable, but the movie is easy to watch.
4) Blow Dry. My FAVORITE of the movies I've seen this week. A small town gets it's chance for glory by hosting the British Hair Competition, where stylists compete for fame and fortune. Cutey Josh Harnett (the other guy in Pearl Harbor, or as it is known here, Ben Affleck's Chest) slaps on a pretty respectible accent to play a young barber yearning for stardom. Alan Rickman is absolutely adorable, as only Alan Rickman can be. Also stellar performances from Six Feet Under 's Rachel Griffiths, and Dame Actress Extraordinare, Miranda Richardson. So in love I am with this flick I almost wanna propose "Glamour Puss Movie Day" for the Baheads, where we watch this flick, as well as Drop Dead Gorgeous, which stars Kirstie Alley, Denise Richards, and Kirsten Dunst as small-town pageant-heads, but I have a feeling most of the Ba-boys will stay away for fear the girls will chase them around and try to paint their toenails in various shades of puce and pink. So, rent it on your own. Unless, guys, you WANT us to chase you around waving around Revlon Color No. 88: VIXEN in an attempt to polish your peds. It's up to you.

Things I have learned on vaca:
1) Jimmy Buffet never gets old. No matter how many times you listen.
2) Romance that is somewhat imperfect can still make a lasting impact on your life (Thanks for last night, Biggs. You made my millenium!)
3) Not having a computer sucks arse.
4) You should always try not to judge. Especially when it comes to a store called Try My Nuts.
5) My family kicks arse.
6) My dog kicks arse.
7) Sharon Osbourne kicks arse.
8) SPF 30 is all you really need.
9) Peanut butter sandwiches taste best after long walks on the beach.
10) Everything is going to be alright, ghetto blaster.

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