Sunday, September 14, 2003

Big and I took in a game of Putt-Putt with another Bahead Power Couple, Marian and Heath. First we took in dinner at Ruby Tuesday, where we discussed music and politics. Then we hit the Putt Putt/Arcade place. Big and I hit the Jackpot Ticket Game Jackpot three times, and we ended up with about 400 tickets at the end of the night, which we traded in for a jumbo deck of cards, a necklace for me, a bouncy ball for Big, and candy for the both of us.

Next, while a cool rain drizzled upon us, and sad pop songs played on the loudspeaker, we started playing golf on the intermediate course. Usually I'd rather eat glass than go mini golfing, but this night was so different. Number one, I'm with three other non-competitive, non-golfers, so no matter how bad we sucked, the highest score anyone got was a 4. Also, the crowd I am with consists of some damn funny people, and combining originial one-liners with lines from Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack provided much entertainment. Plus, everyone was really happy and comfortable with one another, with good vibes and love in the air. Heath scored a hole-in-one, and I think he won the game, but the score card fell into a puddle before I could tally up the totals. But that was okay. We all left feeling like we won.

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