Monday, September 08, 2003

Fee and I actually held our own at Miss Becca's Puppy School. That is, after about 45 minutes into the hour-long class.

After forking over $85 in hopes of making FiFi a bit more obedient, we first worked on commands such as "come" and "heel". FiFi was a bit on the stubborn side. I realize now it's all a question of motivation. She became a bit more motivated when I started shoving treats under her nose in an attempt to portray her as a social non-retard. I've decided that next class we'd have a buttload of motivation by having Squeaky Bear and a bag of Beggin Strips handy.

Our class consists of Rummy, Snicker, Barney, Bandit, and of course, FiFi. FiFi seems to like her classmates, especially the male ones. It makes me believe that if she were a kid, she'd be the one on the jungle gym at recess hanging upside down so her skirt flies up over her head and all the boys see her underwear. Like mother, like daughter.

Also, last night, FiFi played with Rusty, who is staying with his human brother, Mr. Big. Rusty was immediately smitten with the Fee, so much so that he covered her in kisses until she was damp. FiFi responded by playing "The Let's Piss Rusty Off By Running Under The Furniture So He Can't Get Me And Thus He Barks Real Loud For A Long Time" Game. That was followed by "The Let's Run and Let Rusty Chase Me Through The Living Room and Into The Kitchen, Knowing That Rusty Will Never Catch Me" Game. They were good friends.

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