Monday, September 29, 2003

I'm gonna gush shamelessly for this entry. Those with weak stomaches are advised not to read any further.

I'm in love.

Yeah. Who knew???

But it's like something I've never really experienced before. I am still not quite sure about love that lasts forever, or soulmates, or all that other stuff. I'm not one who dwells in the past, and not one who really really plans for the future. But I do know that I haven't felt this happy, safe, or relaxed in a long time. This guy is my best friend, my knight in shining armour, able to look scary hurricanes in the eye and not flinch, meantime I am freaking out as trees fall. He lets me drag him to my aunt's house in the middle of a storm with trees crashing and power grids exploding because I don't feel safe in my house. He watches my puppy to make sure she doesn't pee on my aunt's antique rug so that I can get a little sleep, because he knows, despite my fears, I have to go out and be one-third of the Heartland Hospice Hurricane Patrol. Finally, I wake up at 3:00AM to hear his snoring nearby and it makes me realize we're okay. He makes me feel like a winner at the state fair, even though I didn't win anything in the knitting competition and am afraid of any rides. He doesn't care when I have a run-in with the ex, and in fact strokes my ego by comparing my ex's new girlfriend with certain farm animals that moo and oink at said state fair. He makes me choke with laughter as he does his Mushmouth from Fat Albert impression at the dinner table.

Best yet, around FiFi, he refers to himself as "Daddy."

Yeah. I'm in love.

Hey, Biggs, I hope I didn't embarass ya too much. ;)

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