Thursday, September 18, 2003

Okay, Good afternoon! Well, folks, it appears that this storm is packing a bit more of a punch than we expected...just a tad bit more breezy than predicted, so we've decided here at the Corner to formulate, and if needed initiate the Official Mahmmas Hurricane Action Plan.

1) Which means that, in case of an emergency in which residents of the Corner need to evacuate, we will sound out the official Mahmmas Hurricane Action Plan codeword. This codeword is "MASCARA."

2) After the coded alert has been signalled, the Feefer and I will proceed to the designated emergency bunker to await supply delivery. Basically, in laymans terms, we will book it to Grammy and Grampy's and spend the night there, drinking cocoa and eating Famous Amos cookies.

3) This plan has been formulated for the following people: 1) Jenn 2) FiFi. If you are not on the above formentioned list, please do either of the following: 1) Formulate your own damn action plan 2) Make sure you write your name on your limbs with a Sharpee, so that the fuzz can ID you when they find your remains.

That is all.

(seriously, I am here if you guys need me; I got medical supplies. Please heed the advice of Lt. Dan..."don't do anything stupid, like get yourselves killed!")

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