Sunday, September 07, 2003

The wedding was very nice, rather conservative, meaning there was no alcohol nor any rock-n-roll at the reception. Luckly, there was an adjacent bar, with a friendly bartender who made a vodka tonic look amazingly like the water that was served. The food spread was rather decent, the hosts very inviting and inclusive, and all in all, it was fun seeing Big in a suit. The couple du jour met, ironically, at another wedding.

I was happy, however, that I am no longer preparing to wear the white. All I could think during the ceremony was "don't do it!" I've come to terms with the facts that my ex-fiancee stopped loving me last September and that I really wasn't ready to get married, to have someone living in my face 24-7-365, to pump out young'uns once a year...although the registry at Nordstrom is rather fabulous ("the couple are registered at Nordstrom's, hell, just make it easy on yourself and go to the Women's Salon Shoes department and ask for Jonathan...").

Big's working today, so I solo-ed breakfast at Aunt Sarah's. It has been so wicked gorgeous these past few days, so the majority of the time I spent outside with Feefer, reading mags and giving her an occasional pat. Ahh, the good life.

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