Monday, October 13, 2003

Apparently, they are no longer allowing dogs at Stony Point Fashion Park, because dumb owners have let them take shites everywhere and people have found dog hair on clothing items on display racks.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Fee to Stony Point, and I'm disappointed she can't be my shopping buddy anymore, I do see the point in all this. Like dumb people who can't discipline their kids, there are those who are overly permissive with their canines as well. I've seen them. And these allegations are just plain gross. I'm a nurse, as well as a puppy owner, so poo doesn't really bother me because I encounter both human and canine forms approximately 3 or 4 times a day. But I can understand how non-nurses and non-dog owners can be offput when they are trying to enjoy their latte at Starbucks and are witness to someone's Fido doing Number Two on the sidewalk outside. And many people haven't gotten the idea that picking up after their mutts is courteous and sanitary.

I took FiFi in one store, the cards and paper store, at Stony Point, and during that visit, I held her in my arms and did not touch any of the merchandise. I never took her into stores that had breakables or clothing. And although she was guilty of leaving presents, I disposed of them as quickly as I could and dropped them into the garbage can, but I realized how it could bother someone. I also never took her anywhere near the restaurants. It was just my thing. There is one thing I can't stand is an irresponsible pet owner. Because now they've ruined it for everyone.

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