Monday, October 20, 2003

I've become convinced, in both my observations and experiences with the opposite sex, that when a boy gives you a mix tape/CD, it means he really likes you. It certainly is better than it was when I was younger, where if the boy liked you, he'd toss the tetherball ever so severely at your head.

Mr. Big has made me a mix CD. So far, I am not sure about the significance of the songs, like, if Big is trying to express his undying luv for me in the lyrics; according to Big, the songs selected were based upon the fact that "they so kick ass!" It's a nice compilation- I must admit my man makes a mean mix. Classics like Elvis Costello, Ozzy, Kiss, are nicely combined with Jay And Silent Bob splices, and he also represents artists like Stuck Mojo, ATP as well as new classics like Black Crowes, and Tesla- the stuff we grew up on, when MTV was so much better than it is today. The CD does indeed seem to be inspired by a conversation we had over some meal in a restaurant early in our dating adventures. A conversation that had the theme of "So, if you were stranded on an island with a cannibal and an abandoned Tower Records store nearby, and the cannibal is gonna eat you if you take more than 10 CDs, which CDs would you pick?" (Conversations like this, combined with someone leaving the table to go to the bathroom, seem to make the food come faster.)

In light of all that, I'm really loving the CD, not just for the substance, or for the hidden messages, if there are any. The fact that Big made it for me makes it special to me.

And no, you can't borrow it.

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