Sunday, October 26, 2003

Last night a bunch of friends and I attended the Comedy Central Live! local show featuring Mitch Hedburg, Dave Attell, and Louis Black. I'd never been to a comedy show before. It was a great time.

After a nice rest period, the Fee and I joined the Baheads in cheering on Uisce Beatha at the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival today. Fee was very popular in her bling-bling bag, and was even carried onstage by Jim during "Grace", which was so exciting! We heard a bit of Seven Nations (my coworker Connie's favorite band) before the rain chased us home.

With daylight savings time, it's rather interesting how early darkness comes. It's now about 5:30PM, but the sun has now set and it's really dark. Also, I've noticed that almost overnight, the leaves have changed color and are falling. I love the Fall.

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