Friday, October 24, 2003

A man pledged his love to me for the rest of our lives last night, and I love him very much. I pledged my love to him as well.

I guess, if I could describe it, it would be something like a betrothal. Not really an engagement just yet, because there's no ring, no date, no real plans in place. We're both into enhancing our careers and our separate lives right now, with a goal to enhance our lives together after that is completed. For that, I am glad, and, from what I can observe, he is too. We're very happy at the pace we're going at, and I've always searched for a man who loves me, respects me, and supports me the way that John has always done. Our love has always existed, in one form or another, since we met a few years ago. It feels very natural being with him, and whatever role he plays in my life, he is always welcome. He's a wonderful guy and I'm proud to say he's mine.

(Pause as subject transitions)

Today I am sick. I didn't feel that great last night at the pub, despite much vino and the nice things said to me last night. At first, I thought I was just shaking off a bad day where we lost a very special patient, but I realize inow, as my throat scratches and my stomach churns, that this more physical than emotional. I seem to have caught the flu bug that has been incubating in the Heartland office over the past two weeks. Yay. Luckly, I've had the Fee as my primary nurse/source of T.L.C today. I can't get over what good company she is. She's barely left my side the entire day, except when my mom came by to take her for a walk during her lunch hour.

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