Saturday, October 04, 2003

Today was a lovely Saturday in a string of lovely Fall days. FiFi is ecstatic in that she gets three or four short walks a day. I love it because I get to haul down comfy sweaters and wear them. I've always loved Fall. Also, my thoughts turn to knitting, and it just seems the perfect weather to knit. The project I am working on now is an afghan featuring the Virginia Tech colors. I plan on making two of them, one for my sister, and one for my cousin.

This morning, FiFi, Big and I took a short walk, then Big and I proceeded to Aunt Sarah's and then headed to Williamsburg, where we checked out The Pottery, where we found Pumpkin Ale, a FiFi-sized doll couch, and numerous other one-of-a-kinds. Also, we went to The Winery, and ate pate and cheese while embibing a bit. Then we took in Jamestown, where we each paid $11 and spent about an hour there. As Big said, "I didn't learn sh&t; can I have my money back?" Finally, we drove into Colonial Williamsburg, and attempted to eat at the King's Arms Tavern, but instead ended up at a Ye Olde Fast Food Boothe, where the Josiah Chowning root beer is creamy and sweet.. For dessert, we had buy-one-get-one-free Haagen-Daas, and some free butter pecan fudge. We decided that we'd be great travel buddies because we both like trips that involve a little bit of walking, a large amount of eating, and a bit of drinking.

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