Monday, October 06, 2003

While October may belong to Fee, November looks most busy for me. I've been rather bitter lately for a number of reasons, mainly involving a person who went from hero to zero in a short amount of time, broke my heart and betrayed me.

This past Thursday night, a wise bodhran player gave me some sage advice: "just let go of the past. Make it like a paper airplane and send it off." It's inspired me to seek a deep aura cleansing using a variety of methods to help lead me out of the bitter barn and to increase play in the hay. I'm getting involved at St. Mike's again, after pulling back for a while (the church is big enough for the both of us), as well as planning to attend two nursing conferences- one dealing with Holistic Health, the other, our annual MCV Alumni Association Conference and Lectureship, focusing on a lot of professional nursing issues. I'm also putting myself on a budget, to pay off my mounting debts, and going on a diet, with a goal to make a second, and hopefully, more successful attempt at vegetarianism. Fee and I are attempting to go for walks every morning, Big's been his usual wonderful self, and I am going to finish these cursed afghans if they are the last things I ever knit. Suddenly, life is more about shoe shopping.

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