Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Domestic bliss.

Big and I debated and decided to stay in last night, fixing Weight Watchers and Pizza Roll microwave dinners, playing with Fee, and baking cookies.

Along with some more milk, and a roll of slice-n-bake cookies, Big delivered some old time baby knitting patterns, care of his mother.

"Look honey! Here's one for an owl pot holder! And one for a pair of baby booties!"

I guess you had to be there, but it was really cute.

Basically, Big is a welcome change in my track record of boyfriends. So far, I've dated a couple of freaks, a slacker, a few commitment-phobes, and a pseudo-enlightened male who thought he understood women, but really didn't. Big is very much a man's man, prone to grunts and guy stuff. He looks out of place at frou-frou restaurants. He's a bit confused when I sigh over figure skating or cry at sad Disney movies. The Queer Eye Guys would love to experiment. But underneath it all, he's a huge teddy bear with a big heart and unconditional love directed to everyone who he likes and respects. It's a nice uncomplicated equation.

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