Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Kick ass. Today as I was sitting at my desk, I was offered a chance to go to a pain management seminar tomorrow morning. Basically, a nice break from the nine and ten hour days.

I've been thinking for a little while now on who I am going to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. It's no big secret (at least, not to me) that I am a flaming moderate. I voted for Dole because I didn't like Clinton. I voted for Gore because I didn't like Bush. Now most likely I will not vote for Bush again. But I can't really get into the Democratic Party because they kissed Clinton's butt for so long, and I really think Clinton is a sleaze ball. Also because they all decided to attend that sham of a debate known as Rock The Vote on MTV. I heard snippits, but basically it was the lowest common denominator (aka the typical MTV viewer) asking the candidates such enlightining questions as "Which Dem would you party with?" and "Have you ever toked a fat one?" Sometimes I'd wish I'd have the cojones to vote for an independent...a Nader or a McCain, if I thought they'd had a chance.

So I've decided to do some research on the candidates online, in hopes that someone appeals to my ideals, values, etc. and I can walk into the voting booth next November and feel good about the choice I am making. Anyone who'd like to endorse their candidate to me, I'll listen. Heck, if you wanna email FiFi with your argument, I'll post it and respond.

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