Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Today was a nice day. Nice day outside, nice day for the patients, so an extra nice day for me. I picked up a copy of Finding Nemo at Target, along with some new shampoo. Also, I rented the DVD of Legally Blonde 2, known around the Corner as Bruiser Movie 2, and Feefer is very happy. In fact, she growled as I paused it on a still of Sally Field's face while I took a call (so that, to me, means that she really likes the movie, or finds Sally Field rather intimdating). Legally Blonde 2 is rather cute, obviously not as good as it's prequel, but still very light and fun. Highlights include a Million Dog March to protest animal testing, and a gay dog outing at a Doggy Day Spa. Fifi has enjoyed it very much.

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