Sunday, November 30, 2003

Well, Thanksgiving was great, as usual, food was splendid. The pumpkin pie went over really well. Big looked adorable in his shirt, tie and sweater, and everyone in my fam thinks he is "really nice." On Friday it was back to work, but our census went through the roof- 40 patients! Just ten more and we can hire more full-time people. Much to the relief of the full-time people, who have worked their hineys off.

Big and I hit the road at about five, and so it was pretty dark when we crossed into N.C. As we were on one of the roads, a doe ran out in front of us, nearly missing being hit by the Nissan. Big's parents would later tell us that road was really dangerous at night because of all the deer.

Big's parents are really nice people. His mom is a retired sixth grade science teacher, and she is highly intelligent. Her main passion is foods and nutrition, and her cooking is divine. His dad is a retired accountant who spends his days hunting and fishing. He really liked my pumpkin pie.

During the car trip, we listened to the bestseller, The DaVinci Codes, which was a facinating roller coaster of a novel.

It was all really nice, but I missed Fee terribly, and I was ready to see her. Now we are playing with her stuffed deer, Bambi.

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