Tuesday, December 16, 2003

How cool is Lord Of The Rings? I watched both Fellowship and Towers this weekend, with Big and Fee, and I have to say that it kicks ass. Unfortunately, I am not able to join the gang for the midnight showing of Return of The King, as I really like getting more than 2 hours of sleep before a day of work.

So engrossed into the movies, we neglected to watch the news on possibly one of the biggest news stories since September 11. Imagine our surprise on Sunday night when we heard that U.S. Forces captured Saddam Hussein, hiding in a hole with some Mars bars. Very cool. Go us. ET says that a made-for-TV movie is already in the works.

Last night, Big and I watched WWE, talked pro-wrestling, laughed and had a good time. It's really amazing when you really, truly connect with someone so comfortably, it's as if you've been with them all your life. Big is so easy to talk to, no matter how lame I think the topic might be, he never makes me feel like I'm weird or boring him. Back before we started dating, I remember how we'd talk for hours, just about music or movies, but I felt like I had someone who understood me. Maybe that made it just that easier to fall in love with him.

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