Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Week 1 of Going Vegetarian...Again. So far, so good.

I've been trying to go veggie again for a while now. Visiting Mrs. Big's Mom in NC helped me jump start it again- she's really into organic foods and is also veggie. Before I started dating my ex, I was a die-hard vegetarian for about a year. I quit for a variety of reasons, including being stricken with anemia. This time around, I am working more of a regular schedule, as well as taking supplements to help combat any deficiencies. There was always something about being veggie that I was proud of. I felt in control of my body, I felt healthy and ethical. It also didn't hurt that I liked losing weight as a result, and I have to be honest that this is a motivating factor this time around, although a small one.

On call tonight. All is okay.

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