Sunday, January 11, 2004

I really needed this nice, quiet weekend. It's been really wonderful. I use my weekends to escape the drama that I face during the week. I've got 2 or 3 patients that aren't doing well, so that has been stressing me out. I am hoping that the weekend girl on-call will be okay. It hasn't helped the stress level that in the 31 days in December, we lost over 34 patients. We'd admit them, they would die. December is usually a horrible month for hospice anyway, but we took a beating with our census. Luckly, we've all worked our asses off and gotten our census back up to 42 in a couple of weeks, which is a record number for us. Our bosses are stoked, and our regional consultant called the president of the company to express a pat on the back. Pretty soon, as our census passes 50, we'll be able to hire more people, including a Professional Care Coordinator (PCC) to help Leslie out. I've been worried about her, since she's pregnant, and doing all of this work. Also, another nurse to case manage and to help with admissions never hurts either.

So I really needed to relax this weekend, and so far, it's been awesome. On Friday night, we took Heath out to Chili's to help him forget about his car accident/near death experience (I'm being overdramatic). Saturday Big and I took Fee back to Brandermill to hang out at his house while he did some design work. FiFi and I watched Beyond The Mat, which is a pro-wrestling documentary. It was good. Saturday night Big and I supped at Ruby Tuesday's. It was a nice feeling, and I remember humming along to the silly 80s restaurant soundtrack in between multiple trips to the salad bar. Then we went back to my place and watched an A&E special about Lobster Boy, a freak show star who was murdered by his battered wife and child. Today we are vegging out at my place. FiFi is cuddled next to me as I type this. Big is sitting in my arm chair eating his second bowl of Count Chocula, while Hannah and Her Sisters plays on one of the satellite movie channels. It's incredibly cozy and peaceful here. Time for me to have some cereal.


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