Sunday, February 15, 2004

Last night, Big and I held our Black Hearts party, which was supposed to be an answer, maybe an alternative, for folks seeking solace from the red, pink and white Hallmark infested world that develops when Feburary 14th rolls around. Big and I came up with the idea back in December, and it was basically supposed to be a joke, as we both hate Valentine's Day, even though we celebrated in the past with exes. We'd figure that we could metaphorically burn sage and start a new tradition.

Basically, a lot of our friends were alone this holiday, so instead of decorating with black hearts, or gothy gear, we opted for a minimalist "The less said, the better" environment. We bought a lot of food, soda and booze and opened Big's house to our friends, who came packed with stimulating conversation, and appeared to have a good time. Even FiFi had a fun time.

Today Big and I relaxed back at my place, watching the films we rented for the weekend:

1) Party Monster: The true story of New York club kid murderer Michael Alig. Mac Culkin in a bland, forced, comeback role. Watch the movie for Seth Green, who shines as author James St. James.

2) Sylvia: Another true story, this one about the famous poetess Sylvia Plath, who had a cheating husband and suicidal tendencies. Gwyneth is in the lead role, and she does an incredible job.

3) Anything Else: Woody Allen's latest project, with Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci. It's cute, but it ought to be called Annie Hall: Redux, as many of the scenes are pulled from Allen's 1970's masterpiece. Also with Danny DeVito, and Woody Allen is great as an older nebbishy supporting cast member. Biggs is dead on as a younger Allen prototype.

4) Basquiat: Something Big and I have been wanting to see for a while. Another true story about the life of street painter and protege of Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat. MTV heads will know Basquiat for his fling with Madonna, but those of us who are not cretins will most likely enjoy the film celebrating a talented man whose star was snuffed out way too early related to mucho excess. David Bowie's so effing good as Warhol it's a shame his character has to die in the movie. Big and I will warn you that this movie is very mellow, and if you're tired, you'll probably fall asleep. So prepare to have to experience multiple viewings.

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