Tuesday, February 03, 2004

More two cents on the whole Super Bowl Halftime Show: I gotta agree with Marian that it was a major eww factor to the whole thing, not just Janet/Justin. The whole lineup could have used a free clinic visit- Veneral Diseases On Parade.

I may sound like a total old fart here, but I'll wave my cane. I just don't get today's music anyway. Recently, one of our local radio stations here turned from 80's rock to oldies, and so I get to hear great tunes by The Animals, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, etc, as I toddle around town. Some of those songs had amazing lyrics, codes that only a select few really could understand, in order to keep squares and parents from objecting, i.e. Mr. Tambourine Man. Now adays, these yammering dumbasses behind the mic don't mind blurting out lyrics like "I'm gonna get ya nekked beatch, woot woot." There is simply not only no more decorum, but no more talent either.

Is it just me?

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