Monday, February 23, 2004

Movie Reviews:

Lost in Translation: Very mellow. Big and I fell asleep during each viewing. Basically, Bill Murray in a great role as a has-been actor doing whiskey commercials in Japan.

Le Divorce: I love Paris. Unfortunately, this drama about a Frenchman leaving his pregnant American wife brings the reality of French government and politics (he can remarry after 6 months, she can't remarry until she gives birth, and most likely the judge will award custody to the French parent) to the forefront. It's a bit over the top in the end with a climactic scene at the Effel Tower involving a jealous husband (Matthew Modine), but the cinematography and the accents can't be beat.

One Day in September: For those of you who are too young, in 1972, 11 Isreali athletes were taken hostage and eventually executed by Palestinian terrorists at the Olympic Games in Munich. The documentary focuses mostly on the royal f-ck-up of the German government attempting to "rescue" the hostages. The sentiment of the Germans interviewed who participated in the attempted rescue is disturbingly apathetic.

Sex and The City: The last hurrah aired last night, and I have yet to actually watch it, but I've heard all about it. WARNING: SPOILER next paragraph.

I was at first disappointed that Carrie went with Big rather than the Russian, or better yet, by herself, but according to most critics, it was nicely done.
Apparently in the final scene, we learn that Big's real name is John. Something about that revelation made me melt, since my Mr. Big's real name also is John. And it's not the deciding factor in my decision that John and I are made for each other, but it just reinforces it a bit more, and it made me smile at him across the table at dinner tonight. And now, as he walks toward me, cradling FiFi in his big arms, I know I wouldn't trade him for anything.

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