Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Once again, I have a cold. I'm not surprised, since I am especially sensitive to weather changes. Considering yesterday it was snowing and today it's practically spring-like, my immune system gets confused, and the nightclub that is my body allows any trash beyond it's velvet rope.

There are some upsides to being under the weather. I get to take one of my favorite drugs, Nyquil. I know I stole that from Lewis Black, but he's dead-on accurate here. It really really is fabulous. Also, I feed my cold with comfort foods, aka junk foods, and feel non-guilty about it.

Because I attended a patient's death at 1:40AM this morning, LaDonn sent me home early. So I got to hang out with Fee and watch some of the movies I rented: Lost in Translation, Le Divorce, One Day In September, and Annie Hall, which I rented for Big. Reviews and discussions to follow when my head doesn't feel like it's full of helium.

New links, including Andrew's site (excellent), Bichon Rescue info. Also, you'll notice that the comments section is now known as FiFi's Fan Mail.

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