Sunday, March 28, 2004

Despite what Ms. Magazine may say, I do believe men are very useful at times. Take this morning, when my tire went flat on the way to breakfast. Luckly, Big was able to help, and my dad was able to come and help out as well. Afterward, I treated Big to breakfast at Shoney's.

This weekend was really nice, I met some really nice friends of Big and Bert, and we took them around to Carytown. We scrounged for DVDs and found Comic Book: The Movie and the complete series of The Tick. So we were pretty happy campers.

Speaking of happiness, I realize, in catching up with someone from my past, that this place that I have gotten to in my life is really wonderful. It's stable, and calm and peaceful, fun, safe, but still exciting.

I think I just wanna stay here for a while.

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