Saturday, March 20, 2004


Since I couldn't take my computer to Disney, I decided to travel journal in ink form. The most tolerable journal I could find was a garden-themed blank book with Winnie The Pooh on the cover. All the rest were fuzzy or pink or featured Disney Princesses, none of whom I could ever really relate to.

Basically, my folks and I stayed at the campground, Fort Wilderness, because it's cheap and we were able to bring FiFi, plus we've always stayed there since I was, like, 13. All of the main theme parks and the water parks and the other resorts are accessible by bus. The first day I stayed in the campground, sunning myself on the beach and reading BUST. I managed to go to all 4 parks, and it was pretty nice. Unfortunately, at the same time I was there, a cheerleading competition was going on, so the parks were overflowing with skinny vile teens in Britney wear. It was funny to watch them go to exhibits like The Living Seas at EPCOT, which features a presentation on manatees and conservation, when it was clear they had no clue.

But mostly I tried to keep a positive attitude. I ignored the Britneys and focused on what I wanted to see. I went to the interactive exhibit, DisneyQuest, and that was awesome. Also I caught a Jim Brewer show at House of Blues. And I spent a lot of time at Animal Kingdom reading up on conservation. The food was awesome, and FiFi had a blast in the RV.

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