Tuesday, August 17, 2004

FUN WEDDING FACT: According to one wedding DJ's ad, "Da Butt ['doing da butt, hah, sex-ay, sex-ay!]" is one of the most requested wedding songs.

Although the idea of Heath and Bert in their groomsmen outfits 'doin' da butt' with Nanny (who will dance to anything to bemuse her beloved grandchildren) at the reception is highly amusing, I think Big and I would be remiss if we didn't go in a different direction. We're planning the soundtrack to this shindig. So far it's a little Zakk Wylde, a little John Lennon, a lot of songs about strong, faithful love, where the message is two smart people who are entering into a life together, and not a whole lot of sap, if we can help it. As for our DJ, we've not ruled out Big's friend Larry and a sturdy MP3 player.

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