Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I had a very nice voting experience, I went around 8:15AM, stood in line about 10-15 minutes, looking around, people were smiling, quiet, respectful of each other. The polling workers were friendly (one was a nurse, and chatted with me a bit when she noticed my uniform), and I really didn't need much help, so I'm kind of neutral on how helpful they were. I voted, and got out of there within I feel is a reasonable amount of time (25 minutes) and I admit I was pleasantly surprised, preparing to wait about an hour or so. My coworker Sandy waited about 2 hours. My mom and dad both voted this morning when the polls opened. Big called and said that he waited about five minutes to vote, and voted successfully. He is very excited that soon we will be sharing the same voting place. More later as the night goes on.

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