Saturday, December 04, 2004

Even though Lent is about 4 months away, I'm thinking already about what I am going to give up: Television.

Big and I were watching TV last night, and we've become aware of a rewarding trend- reality TV shows are running out of ideas. First NBC had a show about a millionaire trying to find an heir. Then FOX has a show about a billionaire trying to find an heir (except in this show they go skydiving, which is just like that show where the people eat gross stuff and do even grosser stuff.) Now, TBS has a show ripping off Gilligan's Island, but has a rather eery resemblence to Survivor. Now ABC and FOX have shows about a nanny trying to tame bratty children, at least 2 networks have shows about trading spaces or spouses, and I think all the networks have shows about large groups of people, sometimes famous people, living together in houses, as well as shows featuring people with dramatic makeovers.

It comforts me to know that the jackals are feasting on the same bloated carcass, ready to turn on each other and go for the jugular, so this whole bloody mess can be over with. Kinda like how talk shows went. Until then, I'll keep on not wasting any effort on watching, discussing nor being offended by them.

Speaking of, this week's South Park featured Paris Hilton as a "stupid spoiled whore." Their words, not mine. I enjoyed the show thoroughly, though the message (that worshipping and enabling her bad behavior and encouraging young girls to be just like her is very very very wrong) isn't shocking nor eye-opening. In the words of Robin Williams, "f-cking duh."

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