Friday, December 31, 2004

Here's to 2005- may it be more caring and altrusitc a year than 2004, and much less weird.

New Year's Resolutions:

1) Exercise a lot more. This one seems to be an annual staple. Darn.

2) Be an Indie Bride-to-be. Just picked up Book #3 in The Anti-Bride Series, The Anti-Bride's Guide To Ettiquette. Score.

3) Champion any local/national legislation that would advocate that all bad little children that hurt animals and other kids be shipped off to a deserted island rampant with severe dysentary, no toilet paper or video games and big bullies to guard and atomic wedgie them daily, and that their idiot parents who deny or condone this crap undergo manditory neutering, never to procreate again. Seriously, this story has me steamed. I'm hoping the new year brings justice for that kitten, and for all the innocent animals and humans that are in harm's way.

4) Celebrate womanhood globally. As ElastiGirl says, "Ladies, we wanna leave the safety of the world up to the men? No way!" Without us Chicks, the boys are doomed. United, we are stronger than ever!

5) More peace. Welcoming our good troops home, safe and sound.

6) Lavish lots of love and attention on FiFi.

7) Finish the purple sweater and at least one of the Virginia Tech afghans that have been sitting, neglected for sometime now.

Happy New Year!

I found this link on my home page that basically lists all the relief organizations accepting donations for the Tsunami victims in Asia. Visit, learn, give- that's a good way to start the year.

Also, if you are like me, and scenes in movies that feature this website. Also you can find out which films to diss and boycott because they feature animal cruelty. Visit, learn, act- another great way to start the new year.

Now, I'm off to watch my movies!!!

Happy New Year!
Jenn and FiFi

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