Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cabin Fever? Pshaw!

We postponed painting our dining room until next weekend, since the threat of ice deterred us. Yesterday I went to Ukrops, bought milk, soy milk, chai soy milk, extra body wash, and the latest entertainment mags, which for the past week or so have been "The Brad And Jen Breakup Serials." This morning, the rain drizzled, but the roads were clear, so John and I ventured out to one of his favorite comic book shops, Stories, to ogle action figures. I picked up a bound copy of Ghost World and some Roberta Gregory comics, and I found both excellent. We also stopped by CVS to pick up brownie mix and junk food. About a half-hour after we got home, the freezing rain began to fall prominently. It's now 11:45PM and we've yet to have ventured outside. It's very nice and cozy here, and I'm looking forward to another day of lounging.

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