Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I came across this and was horrified. Then disgusted. Then concerned.

Then I took a shower, and turned on The Simpsons. And then I realized all would be okay. Why?

Because it really isn't real. This little thing called reality TV.

Let's face it. Reality really does suck. It's mundane. It's boring. It's getting up at 7AM, going to the bathroom, showering, going to work, where if you're lucky you get to do something inspirational and helpful to society. Otherwise you sit in a cube and watch a screen. Then you come home, if you imbibe you may have a beer or two, relax, and watch reality TV, because it shows you what you could be doing if you didn't have to live in reality. But reality TV is not a reflection of reality. Let's take a look:
Joe Millionaire: Not Real
The Apprentice: Not Real
Amish in The City: Definitely Not Real
The Real Gilligan's Island: Please. So not real. F-cking duh!
Simple Life: Are you kidding? Look at Paris Hilton. She's basically a sack of botox, bones and silicon with a voice box. She's not real, much less the show.
We could go on for days.

Jonathan's behavior toward Victoria is sleazy, obnoxious, definitely abusive and definitely not okay. We need to see his greasy arse get canned from the show. But we all know that reality TV is not real, so the real rules don't apply. This guy will most likely not only not get canned, but most likely will go on to win the million dollars. No one will speak up on Victoria's behalf, at least not on the show. And when the domestic violence prevention advocates do, the Amazing Race will use it's uber-evil spin doctors to direct the blame off of them.

One could argue that the show promotes domestic violence to the American Public by showing that because Jonathan does it to Victoria, and no one says anything, that shows it's okay not to act. As I said, I too was very very concerned. At first. But then I thought about the following questions and when I answered myself, it was reassuring:

Let's say you, Jane Q. Public- you're sitting in your apartment, watching the Amazing Race, and you hear sounds of arguing from the couple next door, possibly some thuds, some crashes, some sobbing or pleading. Do you mean to tell me that you would not call the police to report something suspicious and sinister because you see Jonathan yell at Victoria on television and therefore it must be okay?

Or let's say that your child comes home telling you how scary it makes him/her feel to see another kid who often comes to school with bumps or bruises. Do you mean to tell me that you would chastise your offspring by saying that there is nothing to be scared about because Jonathan on the Amazing Race shoves Victoria, it must be okay?

Or if a female coworker confides in you that her man sometimes gets a little too angry, but it's mostly because he's stressed/getting off the junk/under a lot of pressure and I just don't understand. Or how about a male coworker who confesses that his wife seems really out of control and aggressive lately? Maybe they show you the bruise marks. Do you mean to tell me that you would you simply brush off their confessions by telling them that, "Well, look at the Amazing Race. That Jonathan guy gets a little rough with his wife, but it's really nothing. If it was, they would have stepped in already So I wouldn't worry too much about you." ???

Would you?

Didn't think so.

Good for you. Pass this gift for common sense onto your offspring, and teach them at a young age that hurting/hating is not okay, and that it's okay to tattle on those who do hurt/hate. For the sake of humanity, do it. And turn off the damn tv.

But, just in case I'm totally off base here.:
Dear Victoria,
A lot of people watching have seen a disturbing pattern in the edited footage of the way Jonathan treats you on the show. Please, look honestly at the UNEDITED footage of your life. If you feel this is not okay, or not safe, please, get out, get away, get help, get a restraining order and go to those who really love you. Your fans will thank you for it. Peace be with you.
Jenn and FiFi
Richmond VA

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