Monday, January 17, 2005

It turns out the nagging spastic cough that has plagued me for about a month now has morphed into the flu's big arse bastard cousin- bronchitis. But all is good, thanks to a couple of great people at the Patient First on Parham Road.

At 4:00PM I stumbled in, hoping that at the most, I'd wait about 2 hours. In fifteen minutes, I was wisked back in the back after a delightful girl named Destiny checked me in. The med tech, Robyn, took my vitals and then about 2 minutes later, a girl named Kara took me for 2 chest x-rays. After that, I was examined by the most adorable doctor ever, Dr. BlueEyes Cutiepants. Dr. Cutiepants not only was drop dead gorgeous, he had a great bedside manner to boot. He was laid back but very effiecient, diagnosed me promptly and within the next two minutes I was out the door with two prescriptions- one for an antibiotic and the other for a corticosteroid pack to help with the bronchiospasms. Awesome!

I took the first set of medication tonight, and I'm starting to feel a lot better.

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