Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sweet Love Triangle

The wind is crazy today, it's knocked one of the hinges off my screen door. Too cold to go outside, as well as I am very tired from being out after 3 this morning on-call. So here we sit, FiFi and I. Am thinking about packing up my knitting supplies...it wouldn't take long, most of it is already organized.

I've been saturated with Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy gossip since the whole thing went public. Although I don't appreciate the fact that Edge basically gave a false impression of himself by making comments in his book like "I'm a loyal man..." I still have to give him props as a damn good wrestler. Chances are, no one will be fired or severely reprimanded/disciplined because of this, since wrestlers are known for volatile relationships (Randy Savage, Kevin Sullivan, Marc Mero, Chyna, etc.) He just now sort of gives me the creeps. Hopefully, this will fade with time. Anyhoo, I'm often reminded of a quote by Dr. Phil in regards to people who date people who cheat: "If they're willing to cheat WITH you, they're probably willing to cheat ON you too."

Sleep deprived. Scrambled brain. More later.

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