Sunday, April 03, 2005

Let Your Disney Dork Flag Fly!

Today we ventured into EPCOT Center. EPCOT is the educational park, and my personal favorite, because the lines tend to be shorter and the rides tend to be slower, more informative, and lacking in the pink princessy fluff that dominates the Magic Kingdom. It was John's first time on a lot of the rides, so it was kind of nice to have a fresh perspective. We rode Spaceship Earth first which is a SLOW MOVING ride celebrating communication through the centuries. They have to stress SLOW MOVING because someone could sue. Anyhoo, it's really cool as it takes you through images of the burning of Rome, Michaelangelo painting the Sistine, etc. Then we saw Ellen's Energy Adventure at the Universe of Energy. The Universe of Energy features the moving ride through the famous dinosaur swamp. I remembered when I was a little kid, and the Universe of Energy was boring, so they brought in Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy to give it some chutzpah, and in my opinion, made it a lot better and easier to follow. Then we did Test Track, which is General Motors contribution to EPCOT, in which you are a crash test dummy on a fake test track. Very fun. Also we did The Living Seas, which is the man-made coral reef featuring dolphins and manatees, as well as the cast of Finding Nemo. We ate at The Coral Reef Restaurant there, and it was awesome. Finally we rode the Maelstrom in the Norway Pavillion of the World Showcase, and John impressed me with his knowledge of Norweigen mythology by pointing out certain characters on the ride. We overexerted ourselves, so we did an early dinner with my folks at Beaches N' Cream Soda Fountain, where we shared a delicious peanut butter sundae known as the No Way Jose. And now we are back here fairly early to rest up, as well as to monitor results of Wrestlemania, which started about 15 minutes ago.

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