Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm Not Picky, But I Request Seats Close Enough So That I Can Hit Keith Richards With My Undapants!

Lurraine, my boss, and I were shooting the shit this afternoon, and the topic of concerts came up. She told me that The Rolling Stones were going back on tour, and it was possible for her and her husband to get tickets for John and I. I was flabbergasted, and although it's not a's THE FUCKING ROLLING STONES IN CHARLOTTESVILLE!!! How sweet is that???!!!

John and I have become rather big concert whores now, considering that within a six month time frame, we plan on taking in about 4-5 shows- first there was Sevendust when we went to Disney. We also plan to see Corrosion of Conformity/ATP in June. July 1 is the Revolver Underground Tour, featuring GWAR, Unearth, Lamb of God, Norma Jean, and about 10 others. It's a kick-ass fest for very little dough, and it will be coming to Norfolk. That's not counting the shows John's gone to on his own. Ahh, so cool to see good live music.

Hell yeah! This has been a very good year for shows for us. GWAR, COC, ATP, Sevendust, and now The Stones. Man, if only Zakk decides to come back this way with Black Label Society or we can catch them at Ozzfest this year, my concert going wishes will close to being fulfilled! That only leaves In Flames, Sentenced, Children Of Bodem, The Black Crowes & Motorhead, well, for me at least.
The Stones, The Donnas...hmm. I wouldn't mind seeing the Allman Bros too. I've gotten into Alterbridge recently, so seeing them would be cool. Black Crowes and Motorhead would be great too.
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