Sunday, May 15, 2005

Life Sucks for Younglings

This article appeared on MSNBC entertainment. Warning: It contains spoilers.

While I admit Lucas is not without many, many mistakes when it comes to both churning out the new, as well as revamping the old movies, I can't say he's erred here. What bugs me is that the same parents who wigged when Janet Jackson's boobie popped out at the Super Bowl are pissed because their kids can't go see Episode III because it's PG-13(mostly for violence and scary situations). Okay, let's recap: Boobie= Bad! Violence and scaryness= not bad. But that really doesn't matter, because, last time I checked, a child under the age of 13 could go to a PG-13 movie, so long as said child was accompanied by a parent or guardian. I have a feeling that most of the outcry is from those parents who treat movie theatres as babysitters and are miffed that they'd actually have to take time out of their shopping dates or drinking binges to actually accompany their child to a movie. I say to those dumbasses: shut your mouths and take your kids. And tell them that boobies are okay.
It's your duty!

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