Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pomp And Circumstance

Up in Blacksburg this weekend, watching my baby sis graduate with a B.S. in Psychology from Tech. (Congrats Shannon!). We're staying at a Holiday Inn, which is the bomb because it has great cable, room service, an internet link-up (as you can see), and a nice bathroom with a coffee maker.

The house is coming along nicely...I've gotten actually to LIKE vacuuming. Especially since Fee barks and chases the vacuum around.

Wrestlemania 21 is a kick-ass DVD, with tons of special features. The Money In The Bank Ladder Match featuring Edge was one for the history books, with 2 standing ovations by the crowd for the 6 guys involved. Absolutely amazing.

John and I are now debating what to do for lunch with our friends, Susan and Chewie:
Lunch at Macadoos vs. staying in the room, watching Meet The Fockers on Pay TV and ordering room service. Decisions, decisions!

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