Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Okay, life in a nutshell:

1) We've been short two nurses this month, and work has been steady.

2) Sith rules! Great movie, definately makes up for the other two.

3) Wedding stuff is coming along. Now that my sis is back living in town (at my old apartment to be exact) and she's my maid of honor, it's a bit easier.

4) Still loving the whole Edge/Lita thing that the WWE is doing on Monday Night Raw. I'd like to think that they're still together, but there are conflicting reports on some of the wrestling news websites. Renee, who does the ultimately gorgeous website AdamOnTheEdge.Net, says she has an inside source, a reliable one at that, who can vouch that Adam Copeland and Amy Dumas are still together. Keen.

5) Fee is doing great.

6) We're getting an exercise bike.

7) If you read John's post recently, you've heard about our trek to the Metro Richmond Zoo, which reaked of awesomeness. Very fun.

Otherwise, not much else going on.

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