Thursday, July 21, 2005

The FiFi and Rusty Show

Since we don't have cable to occupy our minds anymore, John and I have decided that since FiFi and Rusty get along so well (they were so funny together at the river) they should have their own community access show. It would be called The FiFi and Rusty Show, and we're thinking it would be a sort of Conan O'Brien meets Wayne's World meets Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp (in that the majority of the cast are animals with voice overs), and of course it would be funny as hell.

We're thinking that Fee should be the main host, with Rusty as her Andy Richer-esque second banana. Of course, my sister's dog Daisy and my mom's dog Lucy will be involved too...we're thinking of having Daisy be the equivalent of Stuttering John or Elliot in The Morning's Flounder- sort of the toady that F&R will send out to do stupid things, like go bungee jumping or stand out in the middle of a hurricane, or go to WWE and go a few play rounds with special guest WWE Superstar Adam "Edge" Copeland. Lucy will be the bandleader, who also has an incurable crush on now-reinstated WWE superstar Matt Hardy, which will resemble the whole Rosie O'Donnell/Tom Cruise thing, before Rosie became Angry Rosie and Tom became Captain Insano, The Lover of Jailbait.

Of course, there will be spots for humans as well. Most of the guests will be celebrites, and already we've thought up a segment featuring John's nutritional guru mom (whom Fee refers to as "Nana") and anti-hippie comic genius Patton Oswalt, which will be entitled, "Cooking With Nana and Patton Oswalt." It will be a sort of culinary Hannity and Combs, but sort of cute because both characters are really sweet and endearing:
NANA: Today Patton and I are making a delicious vegetarian soy steak with no trans fats, which can be very bad for you. Patton, your thoughts?
PATTON: Well, Gail, I'd like to think that everytime I eat steak, a hippie's hacky sack goes into the sewer.
NANA: Patton, you want any Silk Chai?
PATTON: Oh, yes, thank you!
NANA: FiFi and Rusty, back to you!

We can't wait to start pre-production.

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