Monday, July 18, 2005

I NEVER thought I'd say or think this, but...

Things I don't miss about having cable, and thus most likely will not pursue getting cable again for a LONG time:

1) Comedy Central. Thought I really would miss this, but the transition has been kind. The King of Queens perfectly satiates my Patton Oswalt fix.

2) VH1, which has now become MTV's bastard "play-no-more-videos" cousin. Not really interested.

3) The cable news networks, that specialize officially in "beating a dead horse." I find that the BBC news on PBS rocks hard.

4) Reality TV. Although it's true that reality TV is on network TV, it's still nice not to be subjected to the hell that is endless commercials for "My Hilton Son Needs Hulk Hogan's Brat Camp so He Can Be The Next Rock Star: INXS." Seriously, VH1 is so guilty of whoring their reality shows each and every commercial break. Buh-bye!

5) Cartoon Network. Like Comedy Central, I thought this would be the next one I'd miss the most. But with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sea Lab, and Family Guy out on DVD, it's been easy to grieve.

6) Because PBS f-cking rocks! Amazing. Antiques Roadshow...American Masters...Operatunity...NOVA. Good stuff, really good stuff. Also, it has nice programs on during the day for the kiddies, so I know I can leave the TV on for Fee and she not have to be subjected to the endless fart joke that is Nickelodeon programming. I believe all three of us have regained a few IQ points because of PBS.

7) WWE Raw on Spike. Oh, no...wait- we still got this! We have my mom and dad tape it for us each week. We give them blank tapes, and on Tuesday nights we sit down and indulge. They don't seem to mind because once in a while I'll drop off Feefer at their house for a night or two to help compensate. So far, it's a really good arrangement.

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