Saturday, July 16, 2005

Love and Peace

Yeah, making funny comments about wrestling and comedians and my dog is cool and all, but when there is real shite going on in the world, I'd also like to think that this site can be used in a positive light.

In the past few months since I started seriously studying pacifism, I've realized that the actual practice is so much more difficult than I had imagined. Global political big stuff aside, it's the day-to-day stuff, my own opinions, thoughts, etc., that surprise me the most. Signing "love and peace" as my closing to letters simply isn't going to cut it. Violence and disregard for brothers and sisters runs rampant in our culture these days.

This morning, having had a couple of hours of precious free time that, for the past two weeks has escaped me, I watched a documentary on Mother Theresa. Although the tape has been in my possession for years, I want to say I've watched it twice. Granted, it was a Lifetime (Supply of Maxi-pads...hey, I can't help myself...humor is humor, even during a peace rally) Channel Intimate Portrait, it was really well done and for the most part, accurate as to the sacrifices and tremendous faith of a small woman who just wanted to serve anyone who needed it, and do so in a peaceful way. Although she was surrounded by caos, sadness, unspeakable grief, pain and agony of those she was serving, she required herself and her sisters to practice their vocation with great joy.

It made me humbly realize that there is a lot of work to do.

This is also the first time, for reasons I'm not sure of, since I usually like to be on the cutting edge of things, that I've posted about the horrific sadness that occurred in London on July 7. I am sorry for them and am sending thoughts of love and peace to them on a regular basis. As far as an eloquent speech about it, I really can't disagree with this, which is the official statement of Pax Christi, the Catholic Peace Movement. I think they can say it better than I can. When I come up with something good, I'll let you guys know. Until then, I'll stick with my traditional: '
Love and peace!

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