Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reasons To Be Happy Today...

1) I successfully programmed my parent's VCR to tape WWE RAW last night, when it was originally thought that we wouldn't be able to watch it (they're on vaca, we don't have cable, etc.)

2) Tonight, unlike 3 other nights this week, I am not oncall. Although, last night, I was oncall, and it wasn't bad.

3) Because watching movies like Alice's Restaurant and Imagine: John Lennon on Fourth Of July with my really super cute fiancee makes me really happy.

4) FiFi went potty on her puppy pad, sparing the living room floor.

5) That my dear friend Jim not only survived cancer, he kicked it's tumor-y weak punk ass!!!

and the most incredible reason of all:
5) Because PATTON FUCKING OSWALT wrote me back!!!!

A bit of backstory- Patton made some comments about Live 8 at a show recently, basically bashing it as a hippie fest. So I shot him an email last night with a high amount of praise:

on 7/4/05 8:28 PM, Jennifer Smith at peacebichons@msn.com wrote:
Subject: A GWAR-lovin' Hippie In Richmond VA Loves You, Patton Oswalt!

Dear Patton,

AWESOME comments about the Live 8! To be honest, when I saw highlights of it (couldn't stomach the whole thing) I couldn't stop thinking that somewhere, you and David Cross were taking seriously funny-arse punches at that turdfest. I just wanted Richmond-based thrash band GWAR to make an appearance and start bloodletting. I mean, I am a huge tye-dye wearin, Grateful Dead listening, peace and lovin hippie, but bullshite is bullshite. Again, thanks for being really really funny, and releasing a CD so I can listen to it as I toddle around the great metropolis that is Richmond visiting terminally ill patients (I'm a hospice nurse) and always feel happy.
Thanks again,
Jenn, RN in Richmond VA

To which I got this response:

:: Wowa hospice nurse into GWAR. Now I’m in love...


Yeah, beatches, you read it here- Patton Oswalt, star of stage and both large and small screen, LOVES MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Take that, St. Bridget's bitch girls who made my life a living hell in grade school! Whaddya think of that, punks??? Huh? What have you got to show for your miserable lives??? A couple of pregnancies, you low-paid cubicle jockey soccer moms? I got me Patton Oswalt. Suck on That!!!


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