Thursday, August 25, 2005

Introducing Silent Bob Cat Goldthwait Young...Jr.

Sorry for not updating, but life's been busy recently:

1) Vacation, of course. Very nice.

2) New bosses, Kathy and Melissa, at work. They're awesome.

3) The Central Air in our house quit on us on the day we came back from vacation- the same day it was 100*F at 5PM and no hardware store had window units. We finally found some at Target. On sale. We're surviving on these window units in the boudoir and in the den. Luckly it's going to be fixed soon.

4) On Monday, we got a call from the SPCA. The cat we found in July is up for adoption. They've determined it's a male, neutered, approximately 2 years old. Last night, we took Fee over to the SPCA to see if they got along. Fee was very excited to see lots of dogs and cats. The ladies at the SPCA brought the cat in via a carrier. He didn't hiss, spit or yowl or swipe at her. In fact the first thing he did was sort of head-butt her and then rub up against her, both signs of affection. Fee would attempt to get him to play with her, and although he was wary, they got along swell. We've filled out adoption papers. They've kept him for about a week or so because he was sneezing a lot during our visit, and there has been a rash of upper respiratory infections at the shelter, so they wanted to make sure he was healthy before he came to his new home. We then went to Petsmart and proceeded to buy toys, food, kitty litter, litter box, etc. We've decided on a name: His official name will be Silent Bob Cat Goldthwait. or Bob Cat for short. Silent [Bob] because he's calm, cool Silent Bob to Fee's hyperactive Jay-type persona, Bob for our friend Bob Schmid, whose life we were remembering that weekend, and Bob Cat Goldthwait because that was the comedy CD we were listening to in the car that night. Pictures and much fawning will be available soon!

Congratulations on your new addition! He sounds really cute. Maybe we can drop by to meet him sometime this weekend, if you have any free time?
We're hoping to have him at the house by Sunday at the latest. The SPCA still has him until he gets over his cold. You'd definitely be welcome to come over and meet him! We can give you a call when we finally pick him up.
Oh, how wonderful! What an awesome new part of your family!
On behalf of my belated father I offer thanks for the honor of naming your cat in part after him. My sister has a bobtailed cat simply named Bob. (She also has a fish named Da-dunt -as in the soundtrack to Jaws, which ate the fish with no name so he was simply called No). Unfortunately Bob doesn't get along too well with Tux and George so there've been many catfights in Mom's house of late.
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