Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cool Comics

The Last Christmas (by Image): It's the apocolypse, and terrorist have laid the smack down at the North Pole. Santa's now looking a lot like an older Billy Bob Thornton, and when the terrorists kill Mrs. Claus, Santa goes off the deep end. A nice little kid get thrown into the mix, and you have The Last Christmas, which is written by Comedian Of Comedy Brian Posehn. It's pretty funny. Go get it.

Goon Noir #1 (by Dark Horse): Black and white, it's a collection of stories about the seedy underworld of The Goon and his cohorts. This issue features a story by Patton Oswalt, drawn by Mike Ploog- talented as fick. Fun.

JLA: Welcome To The Working Week by DC. Okay, you start to see a theme here. But this little read, also written by Patton and drawn by Patrick Gleason, is a quick, lunch-hour read about a young writer who publishes a Superhero tabloid-type zine who manages to infiltrate JLA Headquarters to see exactly how Batman and Co. really work. Look for a beefy hotter version of Aquaman.

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