Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is it really A Special Thing? A Dissertation of Complaint

NOTE: This is my opinion of my experience. Some may disagree. Don't send hatemail. Thanks.

For a few months now, I've been posting over at A Special Comedy Community. It's basically a forum dedicated to comedy, and the main reason I wandered over there was because Patton Oswalt does a Q and A thread, where you can ask him basically anything in the world, and he'll answer. Lately, though, I've become disillusioned with AST for a number of reasons. First of all, although I've met some nice people there, the general populus there can be downright douchey. It is without a doubt the douchiest message board I've been a part of. I kinda expected a forum that attracted comedy fans to be, well, funny and creative. Instead, each day it turns more vapid. The people are less funny as they are cynical and bitchy. No one really puts anything original out there, and usually the common attitude towards everything, from Clerks 2 to The new season of The Office, is pretty much: eh, this sucks. Those who do post encouraging things are often ignored or ridiculed. Flame wars are common and threads are often hijacked with instigators trying to prove who is the biggest geek elitist. Also, there have been times when I've asked questions or contributed something to the board, only to be uber-corrected by someone else or flamed for the question I've asked, thus defeating the purpose of why I am there in the first place. John and I have discussed this liberally and we theorize that a lot of the problem stems from the fact that a lot of these people are younger (late teens) and appear to be followers of My Space, as well as the nu metal and nu punk scenes, since that seems to be a heavy topic of discussion on the board. These things are fine to be into, but I've found that I get along better with people who were less, well, uptight. I'm still lurking on the AST board for nuggets of good info (without it, I would not have found an article in which Patton is interviewed by Brian Michael Bendis, and would not have found a lot of his comics), but also will be slowly breaking away from it in due time. If you like watching nerds fight, go and visit

Yeah, what gets me with the site are the uber geeks bitching and complaining about people's opinions in threads that ask for PEOPLE'S OPINIONS!
I have seen the following exchange too often:

personA: Go ahead, ask anything!

personB: Okay, how about xyz?

personC, (instigating a fight): personB's a retard!
Yeah, so, I left the board today. Too much bullying and drama. Slowly walkin' away...
Have walked away successfully! Have started knitting, reading good books, watching great classic flicks, and expanding my horizons, craving positive vibes.
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