Monday, September 25, 2006

Knitting Again!

I've been too ambitious in my knitting in the past. Therefore, I have three or four grossly overdue knitting projects lying around the house, including a much overdue Virginia Tech blanket for my sister- she graduated last year. She can still use it for alumni football weekends, but still, how douchey to put it off so long!

So I'm starting up again, but I'm starting slow. The nubby scarf I started a few weeks ago. Finish the pink Baby Yarn sweater from last winter. Then the blanket. Hopefully it will be finished by the time Shannon's kid goes to Tech!

Wish me luck!

How many baby yarns died to make that baby yarn sweater, lady?! ;D
None, they're just bald!
Oh crap. I just realized that my sister graduated TWO years ago!

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