Saturday, October 14, 2006

Alcoholism + Infidelity + Mental Illness = Great American Literary Classic!

So, am about 1/3 of the way through Tender Is The Night, which has been very exciting. Not only are there French things in it (the novel is set on The French Riviera), but also scandalous love, beautiful prose, and finally, a duel. Yep. Two dudes shoot guns at each other because one made a crack at the other's old lady. Luckly, they both missed, and all is well, because that is what happens in a duel- very gentlemanly. No one really should get too hurt, but if you aim right and don't miss, it can get a bit undignified. It's a plotline similar to You Got Served, except it doesn't totally suck ass.

Tender is about a B List Hollywood Starlet, Rosemary Hoyt, who reminds me of an older teenaged Shirley Temple. She falls for a handsome but somewhat washed-up boozebag-esque nonpracticing psychiatrist in their circle of American ex-pats and extended tourists, a man by the name of Dick Diver (great name). The problem, other than that Dick is a bit boozebag-esque and somewhat unemployed, is that Dick's married- to the beautiful, fragile and mentally unsound Nicole. The only thing is, from what I've listened to, Nicole isn't so much as cuckoo as just all-arses-out boring and pretty. She just seems dull...but I'm only 1/3 of the way through, so maybe she'll still do something cool like put a bunch of Barbie heads in Rosemary's hotel room bed or something like that. So I'll keep listening.

Oooh, now it's getting a bit spooky. Nicole just had a major meltdown about Dick and Rosemary walking in on her while she was hiding in the bathroom after they found a dead man in Rosemary's hotel room. Her reaction is a part of some backstory there that I haven't gotten to yet. Apparently the powder room is her sanctuary. I don't think she was actually peeing or number two-ing at the time though, but still, not really surprising- I'd be a bit peeved if my husband and his chippie walked in on me in the can, so I can sympathize with the mood swing.
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