Friday, October 13, 2006

Le Cinema (UK Title- Will Ron Palillo play my dad?)

Just finished watching Amelie, a blockbuster French film starring Da Vinci Code-r Audrey Tautou (whose always awesome) over the last several days. I love this film so much I want to remake it into an American version, set in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, with me in the starring role. Also, would have the opportunity to cast all of my make-believe celebrity friends in roles as well- Patton Oswalt, Adam Copeland, Zakk Wylde, Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Selma Blair, Bea Arthur, Radar from M*A*S*H, and of course, tv's Horshack- Ron Palillo.

Rent Amelie just because it's French and watching it makes you smarter (because it's French), or, just to figure out which of my make-believe celebrity friends gets cast in what role!

Where's my cameo?

You play my boyfriend, a beautiful artist/carnie worker/porn shop clerk that collects torn up rejected photos of Parisiens outside of metro photo boothes and pastes them in a book, while chasing a bald headed man with red tennis shoes whom we think is a ghost, but is really just a photo booth technician. You like my plum cake. And we ride around Paris on your moped. You interested in the part? Oh, and your character's name is Nino. :D
Um... being a French film would generally be a reason for me NOT to watch it, Jenn (nevermind that I actually watched The Red Balloon again sometime w/in the past year *shudder* What was I thinking?). Unless of course it's The City of Lost Children. Then it's okay. ;)
French films rock so hard!

Bert, if is wasn't for French films then we wouldn't have movies such as 12 Monkeys, True Lies, The Birdcage, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Three Men & A Baby, The Woman in Red, The Toy, The Man with One Red Shoe, Nine Months and other remakes of French films. Plus also last time I checked Leon, The Professional was also a French film. I seem to remember you liking that one as well, so I'm assuming that one's OK too. :-P
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